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HOLY AWESOME BAND! Tragically White is so FUN! Two years of anticipation was well worth the wait! I can't wait to see them in June! A spoonful of GREAT SONGS and a CUP of ENERGY made my world ROCK FOR A MEMORABLE NIGHT! THANKS GUYS! Smiles!

Elk Grove Sports Bar


Tragically White Band absolutely (& professionally) “Rocked the Casbah” at my daughter’s wedding.

They started about 7:45 and played until almost 12. And get this,, without a break!!! They alternated instruments for restroom breaks. I’m guessing they do take breaks now and then, but to be that committed to keep the party going is unheard of (being a musician for many years, it’s a fact that when the band takes breaks people leave).

The song selection was excellent as the dance floor was full on EVERY song!! The vocalist was mixing with the crowd as he was singing, engaging the audience. What a GREAT TIME!

Ok, you’re thinking ….how much did they pay me to say this, nobody is that good….. Well, we did have a good bartender, but turst me, THIS BAND ROCKS!!!!!

Father of The Bride

Need a Live Band? Looking For a Cover Band?

Get the Best Cover Band, Get Tragically White

Tragically White provides live music for your private party, corporate party, night club, festival, or wedding reception. Tragically White plays recognizable and fun cover songs for clubs, parties and events all across Northern California from San Francisco to Sacramento, to Chico and Redding. This Band is a LOT of fun, they love to get a crowd going, and are very good at what they do.

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Tragically White is a cover band comprised of professional musicians playing a diverse mix of dance music from the 60s 70s, 80s, 90s to today. Their playlist covers many genres of music including R&B, Funk, Disco, Jazz, Rock, Reggae and Country!

They take great pride in doing covers in unexpected ways, like a Reggae version of CCR, or a Country version of Snoop Dogg, or mixing Metallica and Journey - yeah, they went there. Tragically White really does have something for everyone, just ask! *


Tragically White Defined:
trag-i-cal-ly white \’tra-ji-k(ə-)lē\ˈhwīt, ˈwīt\ (adjective)
Etymology: Middle America, from Latin dancium feverus, from Greek johnus travolticus
Date: 1978
1. of, relating to, or constituting a complete lack of musical tone quality characterized by uncontrolled convulsions, a lack of voluntary rhythmic movement, and a complete disregard for self respect.


Message From The Band:

The main concept of Tragically White is to provide the ultimate interactive party for your event so that you can have a great time and dance!

Tragically White to win the 2011 Sammies Award for Best Cover Band in SacramentoWe encourage the audience to participate onstage with us, grab a tambourine & join in the fun!! If there's a birthday in the house, we insist that they come onstage with us to help us in the Beatles' rendition of Birthday.

Be sure to visit the rest of our site for Bios, Videos, Audio Clips, Booking Information, Our Songlist, and Contact information, or download our Press Kit. You can also download a flyer or a song list on our Booking page. Everything you need to provide the best live band for your next party, festival, wedding or for your night club is right here on our site.

See you soon at our next gig!!

—Tragically White

* See our Song List for special requests

Live Music - Sacramento Based Live Band - Versatile Cover Band for Parties, Festivals, Night Clubs & Weddings

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